A Whole New MOOC

This prototype illustrates the features we designed to increase student engagement in massively open online courses (MOOCs). Please note that not all of the functionality of this course is developed, so use the list of pages below to navigate the prototype instead of the side navigation. This project is a collaboration between Julie Campbell and Andrea Chin.

Prototyped Pages

Track Selection
Allows students to select from three different tracks with different levels of engagement based on their learning goals
Group Selection
Gives students the option to work with a small group of students on their course. Designed to reduce the attrition rate in MOOCs.
Course Dashboard
Provides students with key orientation features including a schedule and instructor communications.
Groups Homepage
Helps students coordinate group activities and provides a venue for group communication in the form of a forum and a chat client.
Adaptive Quiz
Encourages deeper engagement with quizzes by presenting supplementary material for students who are struggling or suggesting additional resources for successful students who want to learn more.
Video Lecture
Facilitates annotation of lecture videos to keep students engaged while watching videos and to support review of lecture content.
Discussion Forum
Provides superior filtering for forum posts to allow students to find the best forum content easily.
Course Progress
Encourages students to keep up with coursework by rewarding students with points for accomplishing their work and showing student groups how they compare with other groups.